Talks are vital lest we up in anarchy

🕔20:04, 15.Oct 2017

By isaac kiti The current political stalemate in Kenya faces calls for an immediate action to stop further evils witnessed this week from escalating to the worst. Police lobbying teargas and shooting at unarmed demonstrators is scary and clearly indicates

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Somalia goes into 3-day mourning period after Powerful Explosion

🕔18:26, 15.Oct 2017

By Issac Kitty: President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo of Somalia has ordered the national flag be flown at half-mast as the country goes into a mourning period to honor the death of at least 85 people in a truck explosion. The

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Duale Condemns attack in the Somali capital

🕔14:14, 15.Oct 2017

  The Garissa Township Member of Parliament Aden Duale has condemned the 14 October terrorist attack in the capital of Somalia Mogadishu, Duale also prayed for the quick recovery of the injured and asked God mercy for the killed ones.

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Petitioners want NASA leaders prosecuted at the ICC

🕔10:15, 15.Oct 2017

  The international policy Group (IPG) has petitioned NASA chief Raila Odinga and his running mate Kalonzo Mosyoka at the international criminal court (ICC), the group which is allied to the Jubilee party. The  Group wants the international criminal court

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Maalim accuses star paper of imputing ill motives on him

🕔21:09, 14.Oct 2017

  Former Deputy speaker of the  national assembly  Farah Maalim has complained about the star paper political desk, which implied that he is in talk with the majority leader Aden Duale, to drop his court case which is challenging Duale

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    President Uhuru lashes out at Raila Odinga’s UK tour

🕔19:24, 14.Oct 2017

By Isaac Kiti   President Kenyatta has rebuked Nasa’s opposition Kingpin Raila Odinga’s tour to the United Kingdom accusing him of plotting to bring a coalition government. The president, while campaigning in Kenol, Murang’a County accompanied by his deputy William

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Inspector general of police warns NASA protestors

🕔16:04, 14.Oct 2017

  The Kenya police Chief Joseph Boinnet sent a frightening message to the opposition supporters telling them they will be met with “appropriate response” in the case of the demonstrators attack a police station or destroy Kenyans properties. The inspector

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Breaking! Huge blast rocks Mogadishu

🕔15:53, 14.Oct 2017

A massive explosion has this afternoon rocked Mogadishu’s KM5 area at the busy Zobe junction. Many are feared dead in the attack believed to have been carried out with a VBIED. Mogadishu has enjoyed an easy calm in the recent

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Garissa university slowly picking up after terror attack

🕔14:28, 14.Oct 2017

30 months after the traumatic Garissa University College attack by suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists, the institution is now gradually picking up as more government-sponsored students report to the institution, The principal, Prof Ahmed Osman Warfa said that out of the 470

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Seven killed in Lokichogio school attack

🕔14:09, 14.Oct 2017

Commissioner Seif Matata confirmed seven people, including six students, have been shot dead when herdsmen from neighboring South Sudan raided a high school. Regional criminal investigations Chief Gideon Kibunja said Saturday’s dawn attack occurred at Lokichogio Mixed Secondary School near

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Tuwei appointed Kenya ‘s Chef de Mission 

🕔13:34, 14.Oct 2017

Jackson Tuwei has been officially appointed as Kenya’s Chef de Mission for next year’s Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast.Tuwei, a retired lieutenant-general and President of Athletics Kenya, will take up the role for the Games, due to take place between April

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Kenya terror hero receives the George Cross award

🕔12:45, 14.Oct 2017

A retired special forces officer  was awarded the George Cross for continually risking his life to save approximately 200 people during a deadly Kenyan terrorist attack has dedicated his heroism medal to all victims of such atrocities. Major Dominic Troulan

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U.S calls for restraint on Kenya’s police part

🕔12:06, 14.Oct 2017

The U.S released a statement yesterday urging the Kenya’s security forces to exercise restraint while dealing with protesters. In the statement they also urged for independent investigations into allegations of abuse of force. The government on Thursday banned the protests,

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Kenya’s economy in serious trouble

🕔11:15, 14.Oct 2017

The country is in hard economic times according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cut Kenya’s economic growth forecast for the second time. In its World Economic Outlook, October 2017, the IMF projects the

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”Dump Raila” kamba leaders urge Kalonzo Musyoka

🕔10:56, 14.Oct 2017

A group of influentials from Ukambani have asked the community to turn away from the opposition and rally behind President Uhuru Kenyatta. Talking at separate occasions in Machakos and Makueni counties correspondingly, during the Uhuru Express caravan, the Kamba clans

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State to compensate suspects detained over 24 hours

🕔10:25, 14.Oct 2017

The courts have just awarded compensation orders to suspects whose rights were infringed by being held for more than 24 hours for questioning. AP spokesman Masoud Mwinyi said suspects should not be held for more than 24 hours and if

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I will not sign form 24A- Raila

🕔08:54, 14.Oct 2017

  The opposition leader Raila Odinga has maintained that he will not sign form 24A since he has already written to the IEBC commission informing them of his intention to withdraw from the 26 October repeat election. Raila has recently

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America regrets over Raila’s decision abstaining election

🕔21:25, 13.Oct 2017

  By Isaac Kiti An official from the US department of state on Thursday said the united states respects but regrets Mr. Raila Odinga’s announced decision to withdraw from the stipulate October 26 repeat presidential election. In response to a

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    Nursery pupils fall prey to police tear gas in demos

🕔20:32, 13.Oct 2017

By Isaac Kiti About 20 nursery school pupils have been rushed to a Kisumu hospital after getting caught up and hit in anti-IEBC demonstrations. According to their teachers, anti-riot police sprayed teargas at the childrens classroom at Mount Carmel Academy

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   Trump disrespects the US flag in a military ceremony

🕔20:07, 13.Oct 2017

By Isaac Kiti President Donald Trump remained seated and talked while ‘Retreat’ and ‘To the Colors’ anthems were being played at an Air National Guard hangar in Middletown, Watching the crowd standing in respect, Trump said to Sean Hannity of

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Outrage in Kitui as school girls injected with family planning contraceptives

🕔16:54, 13.Oct 2017

By Isaac Kiti Leaders of a Catholic church and parents of a Catholic School in Kitui County are demanding for the arrest of a pro-abortion activists who visited the secondary school yesterday and administered birth control contraceptives to the students

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SUPKEM   polls  moved forward by one week

🕔16:12, 13.Oct 2017

By Mbarak Abucheri The national Muslim umbrella body Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims(SUPKEM) has postponed its Annual General Meeting(AGM) and elections by another week. The much-awaited elections for new officials to serve for five years will be held on October

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Garissa County ranks lowest in literacy level

🕔15:55, 13.Oct 2017

The state of the counties report by economist Ken Gichinga has named Garissa as the county with the least educated people. According to the report, Nairobi County has the most educated people. The number of literate people in Garissa stands

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Korane goes after “unfriendly” clans in County employees purge

🕔15:43, 13.Oct 2017

The county government of Garissa is in a selective removal of county staff from office, the move targets two major clans in particular. NEP journal has obtained details of the sacking of directors and other key position which was initially held

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Haki Africa calls for national dialogue to end uncertainty

🕔15:38, 13.Oct 2017

By Mbarak Abucheri Human rights organization, Haki Africa has called for the initiation of negotiations between National Super Alliance (NASA) and the Jubilee leadership in a bid to unlock the current state of uncertainty in the country. Haki Africa Executive

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Governor Mike Sonko nominees to be vetted next week

🕔15:34, 13.Oct 2017

Members of the County Assembly have been engaging the public on the names of persons nominated for executive positions by Governor Mike Sonko. The exercise is taking place ahead of the planned vetting of the 10 nominees lined up for

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Nakumatt ,Tuskys write to CAK on merger plan

🕔14:14, 13.Oct 2017

Tuskys Supermarkets has written to the rivalry overseer looking for advice on its intended merger with rival Nakumatt. This puts into motion efforts to save the bankrupt trader from collapsing. Dan Githua, Tuskys’ chief executive, said the merchants equally wrote

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Dudutech signs deal with Kenya’s horticultural industry

🕔13:37, 13.Oct 2017

The Kenyan horticultural industry is set to profit from a contract between agro input company Elgon Kenya and IPM category products producer Dudutech. Through the deal, the Kenyan company will dole out Dudutech’s worldwide recognized goods, an agreement billed as

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IEBC leaves out over 200 election officials

🕔12:51, 13.Oct 2017

IEBC Commissioner, Roselyn Akombe said during a gathering with election observers this morning that a number of Returning Officers have also been left out as the commission tries to improve the integrity of the fresh poll. Akombe said more than 200

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NASA unhappy with more presidential canditates

🕔12:05, 13.Oct 2017

NASA has insisted that the electoral commission could not carry on with arrangements for the October 26 repeat presidential election. This comes a day after the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) announced it would acknowledge into the contest eight

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New energy regulation policy to take effect in November

🕔11:21, 13.Oct 2017

Citizens of Kenya are getting ready for hard-hitting energy regulations law. Come this November non-compliant individuals will face a one year jail-term or Sh1 million fine. The Energy (Solar Water Heating) Regulations comes into effect in November 26 and necessitates

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Food shortage in North Eastern counties worsens

🕔10:25, 13.Oct 2017

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett yesterday said that most of the people in arid and semi-arid counties in northern Kenyan are facing starvation.  In his press conference yesterday he said about 3.5 million Kenyan are facing hunger owing to long-drawn-out

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NASA vows to ignore government’s ban on protests

🕔09:59, 13.Oct 2017

Kenya plunged headfirst into a political face-off yesterday as opposition leaders swore to disregard a government ban on protests in main downtown regions and take to the streets again on Friday, and every day starting Monday. Kenya’s opposition has stated the

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Defense Minister and Army Chief Resignation “personal” and “voluntary”- Somali Government

🕔08:21, 13.Oct 2017

  The government of Somalia has denied allegations that it forced its defense minister and army chief out of office saying the decision was “personal” and “voluntary”. The federal minister of information, Abdirahman Yarisow confirmed the resignation of the two

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Over 10,000 families to benefit from NHIF cards in Marsabit

🕔22:59, 12.Oct 2017

By Mbarak Abucheri: Over ten thousand families  in  Marsabit County are set to be provided with the National Hospital Insurance Fund(NHIF) cards in order to access quality healthcare and benefit from the improved financial health services. The area governor Mohammed

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The U.S threatens to quit United Nation’s UNESCO

🕔22:49, 12.Oct 2017

By Isaac Kitty: The United States has stated it will pull out of UN’s culture and education body (Unesco) citing accusations of anti-Israel bias in a move that was critised by the head of the Paris-based organization. After years of

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North-Eastern livestock farmers receive financial boost

🕔17:10, 12.Oct 2017

Local livestock farmers undergoing the worst drought in decades are set to access to training and credit facilities through a new programme  stakeholders have launched. Thousands of the farmers in Garissa, Isiolo, Marsabit Turkana and Wajir Counties are to profit

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”No constitutional crisis ” Kenyan MPs assure the world

🕔16:45, 12.Oct 2017

Kenyan Mps who attended a meeting in Brussels, Belgium have assured the world that there is no constitutional crisis. The delegation led by Kigumo’s MP Ruth Mwaniki confidently reassured their counterparts from other Africa, Caribbean and Pacific regions that the

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 Over 10,000 families to benefit from NHIF cards in Marsabit

🕔16:12, 12.Oct 2017

By Mburak Abucheri Over ten thousand families in Marsabit County are set to be provided with the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) cards in order to access quality healthcare and benefit from the improved financial health services.The area governor Mohammed

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Atwoli calls for dialogue between President Uhuru and Raila

🕔15:54, 12.Oct 2017

Francis Atwoli, leader of Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) is recommending a list of top well-known Kenyans to reach out to President Uhuru and Raila in a bid to end the political confusion in the country.  Mr. Atwoli said

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Where is my son’s killers? – Chris Msando’s mother asks

🕔15:40, 12.Oct 2017

By Isaac Kitty        The family and close relatives of slain IEBC technology manager Chris Msando pleads to the government to speed up investigations into his murder. Led by the late Msando’s mother, Maria Oloo Msando, the family wants

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NSE investors lose billions as political uncertainity continues

🕔14:57, 12.Oct 2017

Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) investors lost Sh 15.74 billion in paper wealth on a day of demonstrations that followed opposition leader Raila Odinga’s Tuesday statement that he had withdrawn from the repeat presidential election set for October 26. The hit standing

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Kenyan parliament proposes new gambling regulations

🕔13:42, 12.Oct 2017

The government of Kenya has moved to initiate further amendments to the method the country’s gambling industry is regulated. Slot machines have become the target of new curb that are yet to be voted by the Kenya’s parliament. National Assembly

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Matiang’i bans anti-IEBC demonstration

🕔12:48, 12.Oct 2017

Acting Interior CS  Fred Matiang’i  in his just concluded  press conference  at Harambee  House  has banned  NASA ‘s  anti-IEBC demonstration .  Mr . Matiang’i  was speaking on the  country’s security  during this prolonged election period.   In his speech  he

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Child marriages cases highest in Sub Saharan Africa

🕔11:38, 12.Oct 2017

A new research from child rights group “Save the Children” has found Sierra Leone, Central African Republic and Chad has some of the highest rates of child marriage worldwide. According to the research, 1.7 million child marriages take place in

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IEBC : Raila’s withdrawal not official yet

🕔09:59, 12.Oct 2017

In a shocking turn of events it now seems that NASA leader, Mr. Raila Odinga is yet to officially withdraw from the fresh elections.   Apparently, his name may still be on the ballot papers come October 26th even though he

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Raila leaves the country for United Kingdom

🕔09:19, 12.Oct 2017

Mr. Raila Odinga, leader of National Super Alliance (NASA) left the country last night for UK.  Mr. Raila is expected to give an address on the country’s political condition at Chatham House, London. His advisor, Salim Lone had earlier in

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North Korea hacked South’s Joint U.S war plans, stole secret plans

🕔17:43, 11.Oct 2017

North Korean hackers have stolen hundreds of official secrets military documents belonging to South Korea among them includes a detailed wartime operational plans involving its ally the United States a local media report stated. According to Rhee Cheol-hee a lawmaker

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Miguna Miguna: Raila’s withdrawal is a super intellectual blow for Jubilee

🕔17:16, 11.Oct 2017

Former prime minister Raila Odinga’s aide Miguna Miguna praised at Mr. Odinga’s withdrawal of his candidature saying that it caught the President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy Ruto off guard. The former Nairobi gubernatorial candidate scolded at the two for

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Parliament passes divisive electoral bill

🕔16:21, 11.Oct 2017

The Kenyan parliament has passed the divisive amendment on the country’s electoral law. The amendment states that if one party withdraws from the repeat election then the remaining party should be declared as winners. The amendment is now awaiting the

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