Stage set for swearing in ceremonies of Garissa, Wajir Governors-elect

🕔19:09, 20.Aug 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Preparations have been completed for the swearing in ceremonies of Garissa governor-elect Ali Bunow Korane and his Wajir counterpart Mohamed Abdi Mohamud. Korane’s event will take place at the Garissa Primary school grounds while Mohamud’s will be

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History as 43 Muslim MPs elected to serve in the twelfth parliament

🕔16:32, 20.Aug 2017

By Mbarak Abucheri: In the just concluded general elections, history was made after forty three Muslim aspirants were among the 290 legislators elected to represent their constituents in the twelfth parliament. In addition, aspirants from the Muslim community were elected

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Raila to file petition against Uhuru victory

🕔00:30, 17.Aug 2017

By FELIX OLICK NASA leader Raila Odinga made a U-turn yesterday, announcing he would challenge President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory by going to the Supreme Court. He hinted at his legal strategy He said he will”demonstrate to the whole world the

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Raila odinga oo sheegay in maxkamada sare gaynayo dacwo ka dhan ah madaxtinimadii looga guulaystay

🕔22:26, 16.Aug 2017

Raila odinga ayaa sheegay inuu gayn doono maxkamada sare dacwa ka dhan ah doorashadii dhowaan looga guulaystay ee ka dhacday dalka kenya arintan ayaa ku soo aadaysa xili  uu hogaamiyaha mucaaradka kenya Raila odinga sheegay inuusan maxkamada u dacwoon doonin.

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Mukhtar robow oo kula taliyay ciidamada u dagaalama kooxda alshabaab inay isaga baxaan

🕔21:39, 16.Aug 2017

Mukhtar robow oo dhowaan isku soo dhiibay dawlada soomaaliya ayaa kula taliyay ciidamada u dagaalama kooxdaa alshabaab in ay isaga baxaan, Wuxuu intaas ku daray in kooxda alshabaab aysan matalin danta dadka ay sheeganayaan inay masuulka ka yihiin. ”waxaan uga

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Matiudi oo si rasmi ah ugu biiray juventus

🕔21:03, 16.Aug 2017

kooxda kubada cagta ee juventus ayaa sheegtay in heshiis ay la gaareen ciyaartoyga kooxda PSG ee Blaise Matuidi. Juventus ayaa kula wareegtay xidigan aduun gaaraya 20 milyan oo euro ah, wuxuuna qalinka ku duugaya heshiis saddex sano ah. Xidigan u ciyaara

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Jubilee’s Bunow Korane elected Garissa governor as Roba retains Mandera.

🕔16:54, 10.Aug 2017

By NJ Correspondent: The ruling jubilee coalition is set for a clean sweep in Kenya’s North Eastern region after grabbing Garissa and Mandera County’s top seats and leading in Wajir as results trickle in. In Garissa, Ali Bunow Korane was

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Property worth millions go up in flames in Garissa’s infamous suq mugdi

🕔16:11, 10.Aug 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Hundreds of traders in Garissa are counting their losses after unknown assailants torched the town’s ill-famed suq mugdi market on Thursday following announcement of the county’s gubernatorial contest, which saw Ali Bunow Korane clinch the seat. Incumbent

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Garissa, Wajir and Mandera gubernatorial results disputed as defeated leaders cry foul

🕔10:00, 10.Aug 2017

By NJ Correspondent: Dethroned Governors in the North Eastern region have disputed the recently concluded election results which saw the ruling Jubilee party make a clean sweep across the region taking home top elective seats. Wiper party’s Nathif Jama (Garissa),

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Devolution’s positive impact largely felt in NEP, Survey indicates

🕔17:04, 5.Aug 2017

By Adow Mohamed: Devolution has positively affected the living conditions in the three North Eastern Counties of Garissa, Wajir and Mandera a survey carried out in the region by Nep Journal and research firm, Center for Prosperity and Research (CentRep).

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