Eastleigh comes to a standstill as malls close shop citing poor service delivery, hawkers menace

🕔23:52, 31.Aug 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent:   Business in Nairobi’s busy trading hub Eastleigh has been paralyzed after more than 40 shopping malls in the area started a three-day shutdown citing frustration by hawkers and poor service delivery by the County government

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Government urged to set up inquiry into enforced disappearances and killings.

🕔21:44, 31.Aug 2016

By Mbarak Abucheri Human right organizations has urged Kenyan government to set up a judicial commission of inquiry to investigate and bring to justice all those suspected of criminal responsibility for extrajudicial executions and enforced disappearances. The call was made

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Duale in dilemma over where to contest, is it Balambala or Garissa Township?

🕔21:13, 31.Aug 2016

By Abdihakim Mohamed Garissa township member of Parliament and National Assembly majority leader in dilemma of which constituency to contest after political pundits circulated rumours in social media that he wants to shift his political base to Balambala constituency for

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Police arrest two medical students suspected to have links with ISIS in Malindi.

🕔21:29, 29.Aug 2016

By NJ Correspondent Two medical students who were suspected to have links with the ISIS terror group fighting in Syria and Iraq have been arrested by Mombasa and Nairobi anti-terror police on Sunday in a joint operation. The two medical

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Governor Nathif Jama and his competitor Ali Korane in battle for Jubilee Party ticket nomination.

🕔22:55, 28.Aug 2016

By NJ Correspondent: Garissa County is set to be the mother of political battles in the country after MPs aligned to area Governor Nathif Jama announced plans to vie on the newly launched Jubilee Party Alliance and bring him on

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Kerrow defends support for Council of elders’ decision after criticism.

🕔22:29, 28.Aug 2016

By Adow Mohamed Mandera senator billow Kerrow has received criticism over his support for the council of elders’ decision that came to be known as the Banisa declaration. Kerrow said he supports the elder’s decision not for the failure of

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Japan donates $3O billion to Africa for infrastructure development.

🕔22:47, 27.Aug 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent The Japanese government is hosting a three day conference dubbed Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) at Kenya’s capital city Nairobi. The conference brings together 23 presidents, 9 prime ministers, business delegations, government officials from

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Gunmen kill shopkeeper, make away with cash in Eastleigh

🕔22:06, 24.Aug 2016

By Ibrahim Issack: A group of armed robbers stormed into Kenzi wholesalers next to Eastleigh’s Fanya Bidii mosque, California area at around 6 pm today, shot dead the shopkeeper and made away with Ksh49000. The four member gang shot the

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Ethiopian runner puts life at risk with Olympics protest gesture

🕔22:29, 22.Aug 2016

By NJ Correspondent: Ethiopian runner Feyisa Lilesa has put his life in danger after staging a protest gesture at the Olymic marathon finish line in Rio on Sunday in solidarity with his Oromo people back at home. The 26-year-old runner

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Wajir residents urged to empower the disabled, treat the mentally disturbed

🕔14:27, 20.Aug 2016

By Farah Adan: Residents of Wajir County have been urged to empower their disabled children and present mentally disturbed members of the community for treatment. Speaking after gracing the County desert wheelchair race in Wajir town on Saturday morning, area

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IDCRF borehole projects to boost water supply in Western region

🕔12:01, 19.Aug 2016

By Mbarak Abucheri: Muslim residents of Kakamega and Vihiga Counties have a reason to smile and celebrate after they benefited from borehole projects. The projects were sponsored and constructed by Islamic Daawa for Counseling and Restoration of Faith (IDCRF) Trust

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Mandera MCA organizes sporting event to foster good working relations between the public and security agencies

🕔23:13, 17.Aug 2016

By Abdiweli Aden:   A Mandera County Assembly member has announced plans to sponsor a county-wide sporting event that is aimed at curbing the increasing mistrust between members of the public and security agencies in the area. Nominated MCA for

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Governor Roba warns his opponents over spreading rumors that he is out of race.

🕔22:41, 15.Aug 2016

By Abdiweli Aden Mandera governor Ali Roba who disobeyed the Garre Council of Elders and bravely declared to seek re-election in the coming general election has taken on with his opponent over spreading misleading information that he bowed out of

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Jama opt to prioritize agricultural farming to reduce food insecurity.

🕔22:41, 15.Aug 2016

By Abdihakim Mohamed Garissa Governor Nathif Jama’s administration has promised to focus on value addition of agricultural products this financial year so as to eradicate food insecurity and poverty to achieve sustainable developments. Jama speaking during his tour on Garissa

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Governor Jama takes on with Korane’s clansmen endorsement.

🕔22:27, 14.Aug 2016

By Abdihakim Mohamed Garissa Governor Nathif Jama who hosted delegates from Somali’s Bay region in his Garissa office has taken on with National Assembly Majority leader Aden Duale and former provincial administrator Ali Bunow Korane who criticized his leadership over

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Duale endorsed Korane for Gubernatorial seat despite being obstacle to his re-election bid.

🕔20:58, 13.Aug 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent Garissa Township MP and National Assembly Majority leader, Hon. Aden Duale has officially endorsed former Provincial Administrator Ali Bunow Korane for Garissa Gubernatorial seat. In a thanksgiving ceremony that was held at Bour Algy Primary School

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Clansmen set to endorse Ali Korane for Garissa Gubernatorial seat.

🕔16:16, 13.Aug 2016

By Abdihakim Mohamed Members of Garissa County’s Abudwak sub-clan endorse former provincial administrator Ali Bunow Korane for the Garissa County Gubernatorial seat on Saturday for the second time on thanksgiving ceremony. Clan unity and coalitions carried the day in Garissa

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A re-birth of a new sultan for Jibrail Community of Dagodia Clan.

🕔14:41, 13.Aug 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent Thousands of Members of the Jibrail sub-clan of Dagodia clan attended two days event in Kilkiley location of Eldas constituency to inaugurate their family Sultan. Family members across the world attended and graced the event. It

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President Uhuru donates a school bus to Wajir girls’ secondary School at State House.

🕔12:54, 13.Aug 2016

By Farah Adan President Uhuru Kenyatta has on Friday donated a school bus to Wajir Girls secondary School principal Maryan Abdi Hassan, deputy principal at State House. School Principal, Deputy principal and her students visited presidents at state House to

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Ambassador Mohamed Abdi’s campaign tower of strength kicks off in Wajir town

🕔01:36, 13.Aug 2016

By Adow Mohamed Barely a week after Ambassador Mohamed Abdi who is well known as “Mwalimu Pekee” joked about his age during a press conference to announce his interest to vie for Wajir Gubernatorial seat, the veteran politician has taken

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Schools ranking will boost performance-MEC

🕔21:51, 12.Aug 2016

By Mbarak Abucheri Muslim Education Council (MEC) has commended the Bill passed by the National Assembly that allows ranking of schools stating that the move will encourage competition and boost performance. Speaking to Friday Bulletin, Council executive director Munawar Khan

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KNCHR urges county governments to endow people living with disabilities opportunities.

🕔21:11, 12.Aug 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNHCR) who plays an activist role for human right has called on county governments to adopt their own county laws that do not limit the legal capacity representations of persons

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Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow drops his reelection bid.

🕔19:52, 11.Aug 2016

By Ibrahim A Issack Mandera Senator Billow Adan Kerrow will not re-seek any elective post on the coming election. Kerrow stated on his official social media account that he will abide by the decision of his community elders – the

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Police shot dead suspected gangster in Nairobi’s Eastleigh estate.

🕔16:10, 11.Aug 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent Police on Wednesday night have shot dead a suspected gangster in Eastleigh section 3 around Biafra stage who is said to be behind a series of robberies targeting matatus and M-pesa shops. On Saturday morning around

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Uhuruto unveils Jubilee Party agendas ahead of 2017elections.

🕔21:28, 9.Aug 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto have set agenda for their party ahead of 2017 elections. The party is expected to officially launch its new outfit party during national convention that is set to

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Huge crowds gather for Pro-Erdogan rally at Istanbul.

🕔12:10, 8.Aug 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent More than a million people gathered in Istanbul for a rally called by President Tayyip Erdogan to denounce a failed coup last month. The massive rally on Sunday has united the Turkish government and the opposition

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Why Amb. Mohamed Abdi has lost it all.

🕔02:24, 8.Aug 2016

By Ali Bashane The announcement of Amb.Mohamed Abdi Mohamud to contest for Wajir gubernatorial seat in the forthcoming general elections was a shock to the people of Wajir County. This was less expected of him as he accepted the verdict that

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Garissa youth launch a movement to resolve challenges facing them.

🕔01:44, 8.Aug 2016

By Abdihakim Mohamed A group of 200 youth from Garissa County have formed a movement dubbed “united beyond tribe.” It was intended to bring together youths across the County to address the challenges facing them and seek measures to empower

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Google condemned for replacing Palestine from its map.

🕔01:45, 7.Aug 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent The internet search giant took the decision to remove Palestine from its maps on 25th July, 2016. The Palestinian Journalists’ Forum have criticized Google for removing the name of Palestine from its maps and substituting it

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Home Politics and policy Politics and policy Schools linked to exiled cleric spark Turkey, Kenya tensions

🕔13:51, 5.Aug 2016

By KIARIE NJOROGE A rift between the Turkish government and a Muslim cleric blamed for the failed coup has sparked diplomatic tensions in Nairobi as Turkey seeks to close schools associated with the imam. The Turkish ambassador in Nairobi has been

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Disabled persons in Isiolo urged to seek recognition by the government

🕔19:54, 4.Aug 2016

By Nep Journal correspondent: Persons with disabilities in Isiolo County have been advised to seek recognition by the government so that they could benefit from monthly allowances. The county Women representative Tiyah Galgalo asked the disabled persons to register with

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Matiang’i told to stand firm for sanity in schools

🕔19:33, 4.Aug 2016

By Barak Abucheri: A section of education stakeholders and leaders across the country have urged, Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i   to stand firm and bring sanity in the education sector. As the wave of school unrest continues to hit many

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Drama as child is saved from kidnapper in Garissa town

🕔18:08, 3.Aug 2016

By Nep Journal Correspondent: Shocked residents of Garissa town were today treated to a rare drama after a five year old child was kidnapped near Bayan primary school but immediately rescued. Eye witnesses told Nep Journal the culprit was riding

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First ladies from FCDC member counties seek to address barriers that limit utilization of health services

🕔08:46, 3.Aug 2016

By Abdihakim Mohamed: First ladies from the Frontier Counties will now work closely with Frontier Counties Development Council Secretariat with the technical support from UNFPA to eradicate barriers that limit the utilization of existing health services. Isiolo Deputy Governor Mohamed

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Why the beast of burden is a burden to NEP

🕔01:05, 3.Aug 2016

By Hussein Abdi Barre:   Dear brothers and sisters in Wajir, Mandera and Garissa. I wish to bring to your attention an environmental danger posed by a common domestic animal in our midst. The animal of concern is none other

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Governor defends development record, pledges more goodies

🕔00:49, 3.Aug 2016

By Farah Adan: Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi has today came out guns blazing against his opponents daring them to match his development record. Speaking in Wajir town after commissioning a series of development projects, Abdullahi said his administration was the

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Mandera Teachers College opens its doors, admits first batch of students

🕔19:54, 2.Aug 2016

By Abdiweli Aden: The first teachers training college opened its doors Mandera County yesterday with a total of 45 holiday based students reporting for class. More regular students will join the institution in September this year. Opening of the college

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Four men charged with forcing metal rod into woman’s private parts

🕔19:17, 2.Aug 2016

By Carolyne Kubwa: Four men were charged on Tuesday with sexually assaulting a female doctor in Eastleigh, Nairobi. Abdi Kafar, Mustafa Abdi, Abdallah Jama and Harun Ali allegedly “manipulated” the victim’s hips and penetrated her private parts using a metal

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