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2 die as more than a hundred test positive in Wajir Kala-Azar outbreak

wjir patients

Patients at a Wajir Hospital

Two people died and more than a hundred others are reported to be infected in Arbajahan area of Wajir County as Kala-azar breaks out.

According to official records released by the County Government, one person died and more than 89 others tested positive of the parasitic infection with up to 20 patients transferred to Wajir referral hospital.

The figures could be higher than the officially released as most residents stay away from health centers until complications arise while most deaths remain un reported as residents bury the dead immediately making it difficult for health practitioners to get the exact figures.

In a post on its official Facebook page, the County Government said that they have mobilized enough resources to curb the outbreak.

“Going by the current trend of the disease, we are poised to contain the pandemic” assured Rukia Maalim, The CEC for Health, Wajir County Government.

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