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Major Power project commissioned in Garissa.


By Hassan S.

Residents of Garissa County will soon say goodbye to the frequent power outages in the town and the payment of exorbitant electricity bills.

This follows the commissioning today of the Garissa Power Sub-station for the National grid from Kindaruma Hydro power through Mwingi. The station will have the capacity of over 30MW.

National grid commisioning

National grid commissioning in Garissa

The high voltage power transmission lines are currently past Ukasi trading center and is expected to reach Garissa between the months of June and August this year.

As a result, Garissa town will be connected to the National Grid by September this year. The ground breaking ceremony was graced by Leader of Majority leader Hon. Aden Duale, Garissa county Governor Hon. Nathif and the CEOs of Kenya Power, KENGEN, and KETRACCO and host of other leaders and the project Managers of the International company contracted to the project

The Kindaruma – Garissa National grid project will be the first of its kind in North Eastern Kenya and is funded by the World Bank and the Kenyan Government to the tune of 3 Billion Kenya Shillings.

Hon. Nathif chats with Hon duale

Hon. Nathif chats with Hon duale at the commisioning ceremony

Hon. Duale

Hon. Duale speaking at the commission ceremony

“The project will open up Garissa township constituency and Garissa County at large to investors for industrial development and reduce the cost of electricity for the residents” said on Hon. Duale

The Garissa township M.P. who is also the Leader of Majority in Parliament thanked all those who made the Project a success including his constituents and the Governor.

“My thanks goes to colleagues from the energy and petroleum sector, our Governor and the great people of my constituency” said the Leader of Majority.

Power in Garissa is currently generated using fuel and its cost is passed on to the residents.


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