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Over 10,000 families to benefit from NHIF cards in Marsabit

By Mbarak Abucheri:

Over ten thousand families  in  Marsabit County are set to be provided with the National Hospital Insurance Fund(NHIF) cards in order to access quality healthcare and benefit from the improved financial health services.

The area governor Mohammed Mahmud Ali said that his government has set aside 60 million shillings for the sole purpose of providing NHIF medical cover to local people and asked  residents to register so they can access healthcare.

Speaking in North Horr sub-county, Governor Ali said that approximately fifty thousand people from ten thousand families in the county will benefit from the fund set aside for the 2017/2018 financial year.

He said that the step is meant to deal with the challenges facing the health sector in the county.

The governor added that they intend to increase the amount set aside for the insurance fund to further improve the health sector as well as ensure that all equipment provided to the county by the national government is put into good use.

At the same Governor Mohammed Mahmud Ali  disclosed that plans are underway to construct Kenya Medical Training College  Marsabit campus and added that the county government has already  set aside one hundred million for the construction .

He said that they are still in dialogue with KMTC Nairobi who will assist them in the construction as the survey is ongoing. The county government is also in dialogue with the Kenya Medical and Research Institute to see whether one can be constructed in Marsabit.



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